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Traveling has always been my passion since youthood, remained enchanted hours holding the atlas, trying to imagine strange people and landscapes are hides behind those dashed lines and those geophysicals colors.

In general nature, including those hidden into the man, fascinates me and seduces without any rival. Any natural expression and somehow instinctively, appeals to me, motivated by an innate curiosity, which I would build a lifestyle as possible.

My passion for photography is not related to the object and its technical potential, which among other things I am interested in very little, but rather a personal attempt to freeze forever a snapshot of life, an image of the spirit of all things, a sort of strategy to stop a moment, the unfolding of events and its continued destruction and rebirth; natural cycle of life which, in its holistic sense, sometimes frightening and sometimes wonder.

I have always traveled, trying not to lean against organized structures, splitting always what is the journey from vacation. The trip as an experience of life, that those who change lives, even if the change is not often that a gradient is hardly perceptible.
The most fascinating thing is to find me in situations where I would never imagine to find myrself and behave normally and at the end, realize, all their magic and their uniqueness.

Sometimes I feel the moral pressure of traveling, a kind of excitement that drives us to seek a bit of authenticity, overwhelms all before everything, flattening all differences or otherwise defile it.

Traveling, accelerate this inevitable process, but it is the first time in history, which into an evolved and industrial country, anybody can afford, even with some sacrifice, to go across the world to touch the opposite the different.

Realize the sad common denominator that all are kneeling the wrong way to look at resources and cultural riches, inexhaustible and exploitable.
The landscape can give strength, identity and in some ways even wealth, in addition to being a huge asset.

I firmly believe that mutual understanding and study, are the key to coexistence and the possible solution to resolve emergencies related to our ecological footprint.

All that said, the following are just pictures, pictures taken in my natural state of curious traveler who wants to be surprised excited and want to understand.

Travel Philosophy