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"Wine is culture," claimed a great winemaker from Burgundy, in the sense that the approach you have with the land and the kind of communication that the winemaker has with the screw, it returns some sort of record of all their "talk" in a bottle, as well as contain the experience of all those before him, had the good fortune to learn this language of nature.

A language that makes you happy for a rain or a snowstorm, and can makes you worried about a hailstorm or a hot wind.

I was lucky enough to get close to this world as a student and a witness of these "relationships between man and nature" on a farm where this link, still lives and that makes the wine something other, from the commercial product commonly drunk.

During my many visits, I have often photographed the various stages from growing to winemaking, later collected in a photobook and advertising flyer, which try to explain and promote this bond, that makes the wine of some small winemakers, so special and poetic as well as genuine.

A. A. Biologica Cinque Campi

A.A. Il Quarticello

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