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I was born in December of 1979 close to Reggio Emilia,  Italy.

I approach photography approximately at 19 years old, through a course of astronomical photography, performed with a so manual reflex as to be sensual.
The cloudless winter nights, however, are too cold to be the only (albeit beautiful) subject.

From the age of 18 years,  I can travel at least, once a year thanks the savings of a evening work during the studies, which shape my style of travel, always at the lowest cost with a huge gain in terms of contact with local populations and the resulting patterns, as well as the varied climatic conditions.

I finished my studies in 2004, earning a degree with honors in Natural Sciences, address "Conservation and enhancement of natural resources" with a thesis on limnological study of high altitude lakes.

In ten years from first I visited almost all of Europe, through inter rail travel, with which I arrived in Marrakesh, before pushing off from the old continent: Mexico, Guatemala, Senegal, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Rajasthan, Cambodia, Thailand, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Iceland, Finland, Russia and Libya. I have also visited Nigeria and Egypt to work, deepening even those aspects of the strategic reality in some areas, damn by money and power.

Since 2004 I’m working as a technical manager in a company that designs and builds wastewater treatment plants for residential and industry. This company operates throughout all the Italy and in some countries bordering the Mediterranean sea.

Spare time:

Another great passion is the mountain, as the last guardian of the wilderness here in Europe, and by nature, majestic master of life that can teach you wonder and humility.
Usually I prefer hiking in many areas not raped by the lifts which, in my opinion, ruin the soul of the mountain, even if they are essential to the survival of mountain communities.

The nearest natural area closer to my home, that I attend since young, is Appennino Tosco Emiliano National Park, wonderful and wild which I’m deeply linked.

For almost three years, I train Hatha Yoga regularly and even if I have not mastered that little, is clear its usefulness and power in multiple aspects of daily life.